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You guys know the drill! Main concern, Do I play her correctly?


Name: Katelyn
Plurk: [plurk.com profile] Darkmage09
Yahoo!: avonpark_florida
AIM: Darkmage09
Gmail: lynny0890@gmail.com
Private Journal: [personal profile] pureambar

OOC Permissions

Back tagging: Do it! You know you want too~
Revivals: Sure, as long as the logs are not too old.
Fourth Wall Breaking: Yes, but NO SPOILERS!
Dropping tags: If it happens, it happens. I don't expect your life to revolve around mine.
Character/Writing/OOC Critiques: HMD's are a beautiful thing! Good thing all of my muses have one.

Friendships: Sure! The more, the merrier!
Additional Information:
>> If you only want an RP relationship, that's fine. I will not hassle you about it.
>> If you don't want me to tag you back on a log or meme or on anything for that matter, just tell me so. I won't hold it against you and you don't even have to tell me the reason why. Just be polite about it.
>> As long as you do not drive me up the wall about tagging you back, I'll do it. A gentle reminder will be enough. Remember this: I don't expect my world to revolve around yours, so please be respectful in the same manner.

IC Permissions

Friendship: Sure, but don't take it personally if she doesn't trust you at first.
Hugging: Sure, just ask first. She might shoot you if you don't.
Kissing: Eh... you might want you ask her first. Especially if you don't know each other that well.
Flirting: Sure, she'll do it. But don't be surprised if she keeps you at a distance. She has priorities that are a little more important than dating.
Romance: Ah, the big "R" word. Good luck with that! She centers her life around her work and Mustang, that she hardly has time for it. But you are welcome to try. ^.^
Sex: And here we are with the "S" word.... Pretty much the same as Romance.
Violence/Death: Sorry guys, but she has Special Orders from Mustang NOT to die.
Telethapy: No.
Mind Control: No.

Canon Pairings:
Talk with me first.

Cross-over Pairings:
We'll talk.


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